Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hot Pot "Shabu-Shabu" in Manila

Today is a total family bonding day with mom and auntie Vibs. First, we went to Ark salon to have our hair-cut in preparation for Stefanie's wedding, my cousin, on January 04, 2009 and then we proceed to Rustan's Makati for some stuffs that we need for the wedding. But the highlight of the day was when mom decided to have dinner in a hot pot chinese restaurant at Malate.

There's already a lot of hotpot restaurants that came to life here in the Philippines but the most delicious hotpot, also known as "Shabu-Shabu" here is in Manila. You are seated in a table with an electric stove in the middle wherein they will put a pot of soup of your choice wait til' it boils. While waiting, you will order the soup ingredients and they will serve it to you raw, yes raw! You will be the one to cook it by placing the ordered ingredients in the soup. Different hotpot restaurants have their own gimmicks that can distinctively make them unique.

While eating, Uncle Albert decided to join us and ate with mom and Auntie Vibs. While the siblings enjoy their company, Jaimie, Shobe and I decided to go to Starbucks Malate (Adriatico St.) to have our coffee. Afterwards, all of us, went to Cafe Adriatico for dessert.

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