Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ruins of St. Paul - Macau (Part I)

This is the most famous landmark in Macau. The St. Paul Ruins was part of the St. Paul Cathedral built by the Portuguese, particularly the Jesuits, in the 17th century (1582 to 1602). The facade is the only one standing up until right now as many tourists and locals flock the site day in and day out. This was built for St. Paul the Apostle. In 2005, this historical landmark was officially enlisted by UNESCO.

Behind the historical facade lies the remaining pillars and a shrine of St. Paul Cathedral, more famously known as the Ruins of St. Paul now.

Going down the stairs away from the facade of the Ruins of St. Paul are houses built by the Portuguese, Macau did a very job in preserving this wonderful antique architecture. The built shops below the adobe brick houses that stood the test of time. The roads in Macau is also built in adobe.

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