Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Venetian Macau - Macau (Part II)

Ones jaw will surely drop when you enter the grand lobby of The Venetian. You will be greeted by a gold statue with fountain as you check-in to your suites here . All hotel rooms are suites in this magnificent hotel. The feel inside The Venetian is very different, so surreal. Level 1 is where you check-in and check-out, the casino floor and some restaurants. Level 3 is where the Grand Canal Shoppes are located. This is one of the main highlights here in The Venetian. This is where you can ride the gondola as they paddle you around the 4 available canals in this hotel. This is where you shop, wine and dine. However, this is only the beginning of the wonderful journey here in The Venetian. There is more!!

Everyone can visit The Venetian and have a feel of the Fuzz that you hear in your local country with regards to this wonderful hotel found in Macau known as The Venetian. The surprise that I have been telling you about starts here, when you open the room to your suite. Voila! How big the rooms are and how carefully each detail was placed, from the lighting to the bedding, the cases and the furniture. Not even Level 1 and Level 3 can compare to the feeling of entering into your own suite here in The Venetian. There are 3 kinds of suite available separated into two main buildings, the South and the North. WOW!!! I was speechless when I entered ours. I haven't even started how the bathroom looks!! Thanks Mom for the wonderful stay =)

If you are planning to play at the casino, remember that people under 18 years of age is strictly prohibited in entering the casino floors. There you can see slot machines, baccarat tables, roulette, poker and blackjack. Minimum bet for the table is at MOP 200.00 (200 Macau Patacas) or HKD 200.00 (200 Hong Kong Dollars), when converted that is around PHP 1,240.00 per bet. The convertion rate: 1 HKD = 1.06 MOP / 1 HKD = 6.20 PHP.

Inside The Venetian, one must try to devour the food that is offered on the Buffet Line of BAMBU. This is the Asian Feast Buffet Restaurant here in The Venetian. It is very afforable. The price doesn't sacrifice for the quality of food that is being served here. This is a highly recommended place to dine. The Venetian also offers other restaurants that can fill one's appetite. There is a catalogue of all the places where you can dine and relax in The Venetian in your suite. WELCOME AND HAVE A WONDERFUL STAY AT THE VENETIAN MACAO - RESORT - HOTEL.More pics at

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