Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Independence Day Philippines!!

Happy Happy 110th Independence Day to you my beloved Philippines. You had a share of sad and tough history. You had gone through several masters mainly the Spanish, the Americans and the Japanese but still you manage to fight for your own freedom through your people. This is what Independence mean, own laws, own flag, own country. Aren't you proud that every morning you wake up, you see the Philippine flag waving and not the flag of a foreign land? Aren't you proud that we sing our own National Anthem, abide our own laws and we serve no one but our own?

I know you are undergoing an unending turmoil right now, it is not because you are mean or your soil lack fertility but because the drivers behind the wheel are the ones exploiting you. Some of your children are a problem too. Some uprooted themselves and searched for a better land to plant themselves in. But despite all of these, the majority still loves you. There are still a lot out there who wakes up in the morning and say.... " I AM PROUD TO BE A FILIPINO, I AM PROUD TO BE YOUR CHILDREN!"

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