Sunday, June 1, 2008


Being a product officer of Targus for MSi-ECS has its perks. I am dealing directly with our vendor in Targus Malaysia and Targus Singapore, namely Sri. Their recent trip last April here in Manila, I was introduced to them and they noticed that being the new product officer and the one who is in charge of Targus' business here in the Philipines, I myself should carry and use Targus bags and accessories. They are willing to give me items that I wish to own. Obviously, I don't want to take advantage of the privelege given to me so I decided that I should own a bag first for my laptop. I asked for a wireless rechargable mouse from them also and the latest Targus accessories I acquired was a ultra-compact thin portable laptop speaker powered by Nxt Technology. Thanks! I will surely ask for more freebies soon! hahahahahahahaha

Anyways, to those of you who are interested in owning a better laptop bag, Targus is simply the better choice. Not because I am their product officer and the one who drives the business for Targus here in the Philippines but it is proven and it is the most preferred brand for laptop bags in the United States.

Targus is available at your nearest computer shops here in Metro Manila and in the provinces as well. You can find Targus at Octagon, TCA, Complink, Electroworld, Microstation, Power Mac Center, Datamax, Datacore, Brilliant Technologies and etc. Please visit their site at for more product information and product pictures. If any interest you, please feel free to call me at my direct line (02) 688-3732 or email me at I will be more than willing to assist you.

Here are the Targus products I own as of the moment:

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