Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Fun-Filled Saturday

06:00pm - Had my haircut at Toni & Guy with Jaimie
07:00pm - Shopped at Glorietta with Jaimie (Zara is on Sale!!)
07:30pm - Met with Erika and Justin
07:50pm - Ate dinner at House of Minis - Glorietta 4 Food Court
08:30pm - Shopped around again with Jaimie, Erika and Justin
10:00pm - left Glorietta and proceeded to Good Earth Rockwell
10:30pm - Ivan and Noelle came to Good Earth
11:00pm - Richmond came
11:20pm - Dek and Eng came - "WE ARE COMPLETE ALREADY!!"
11:35pm - left Rockwell proceeded to Warehouse
12:00am - Arrived at Warehouse
01:10am - left Warehouse proceeded to Fiamma
02:45am - left Fiamma proceeded to Mcdo Makati Ave
03:30am - left Mcdo to go home
04:15am - Arrived home =)

That is the complete timeline of what happened yesterday. It was so fun and very enjoyable. It is great to see the AMBLVD MODELS once again namely Erika Ongtauco, Eng Siy, Ivan Siy, Noelle Samson, the PHOTOGRAPHER namely Dek Tan, their friend Richmond and my cousin Jaimie Tintiangko. We met at Good Earth Roasts in Rockwell for some food and drinks but unfortunately time is running out then we went to Warehouse. Danced a lil, talked a lil, laughed a lil, drank a lil and SPENT A LOT!!!! Took a few pics as well. We got bored at Warehouse because the crowd isn't that great as well as the music so we decided to transfer. Went to Fiamma for a subtle relaxed fun. Danced again, talked again, laughed again, drank again, SPENT AGAIN and all felt hungry so we went to McDo for some fatty food then went home.

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