Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday Feast

It has always been a family practice that during Sundays mom will always prepare and cook delightful, mouth-watering and hearty feast for us. This is the day wherein we are all present in the dining table sharing stories, discussing problems, solving situations and etc. Mom always makes it a point that despite our busy schedule on the weekdays we should give utmost importance on Sunday especially during meal time (lunch and dinner).

I managed to document today's Sunday lunch just to show you how special sunday meals are for us. Hope you do have time for your family as well not only because it is the basic unit of the society but your family will always be there no matter what happens, despite your downfalls they will always be there to back you up and help you stand up everytime you fall. Family members can be irritating at times, and that is a fact, but they will never leave you. They will teach you a lesson and make you feel the pain of your mistakes but they will never foresake.

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