Saturday, January 24, 2009

An American Diner in Manila (Gram's Diner)

Do you realize that whenever you watch some American Hollywood flicks, some scenes show the characters dinning in an American Diner. You can see how juicy and thick the burger is and the fries or mashed potatoes look oh so yummy right? I always feel my stomach grumble whenever I see scenes like the one I described in the movies. How I wish we have those diners here in Manila.

Not until lately, after watching a not-so-good movie, we ended up eating in Grams Diner. Upon entering the establishment, I can already feel the American Diner atmosphere. As the waitress gave us our menu, I excitedly browse through it. I ended up ordering a Philly Cheese Steak. I wonder how it tastes though. When the food came, to my surprise, it met my expectation. It is delicious and very tasty. You can actually taste its onions and beef even though everything is melted in a very delicious serving of cheese. This diner not only serves the favorite All-American diner menu but it also has some Filipino dishes fused as well. Good thing this diner adapts to its environment.

So if you guys are up for a feel-good meal, go to Gram’s Diner located in Rockwell Center near UCC, Cantinetta, Starbucks and Pancake House. The price is very afforadable too.

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