Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Consumer Business Review (MSI-ECS)

It is always a heart-thumping experience whenever we have business reviews with Mr. Jimmy Go, the president of MSI-ECS and Ms. Princess Chua, my boss, the SVP of the company and the Sales and Marketing Manager for the Consumer Division. We do this every quarter, semi-annual and annual. Since the holidays are over and its January, we did our annual business review for the whole consumer division. Products under the consumer division are as follows: Samsung Printers & Consumables, Samsung Monitors, HP Deskjet, Laserjet, Scanjet and consumables, Imation, Targus, Ozaki, Genius and Sony Digicams. We started at 2:30pm and ended at 9:30pm, good thing Mr. Jimmy Go treated us for a delicious Kenny Rogers' Sandwich dinner.

Business reviews is a good way of looking through the business of each and every product line and improving what needs to be improved. This is also a good way of voicing out concerns in other divisions and departments. What I don't like about this is the commitment and the pressure that will be given to you. This can also mean a restructure of the whole division as well. Scary but it is a fact that we all must accept.

Hopefully this 2009 will be more productive and be more successful for the whole division particularly for the products that I am responsible for, Targus and Ozaki. Good luck to all of us!

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