Saturday, January 17, 2009

Angel's Kitchen

Today is the birthday celebration of one of my cousins, Mahrra. There is no other place better to celebrate your wonderful birthday with family and friends than Angel's Kitchen. The place gives a cozy, clean and wonderful ambience. It's like dining in your own cozy living room. It has this certain intimate feel. I haven't started with the food and the great desserts they have. Since tonight is a celebration, the pictures as you can see are in huge buffet-style servings.

First stop, is the salad. How crisp and fresh are the greens topped with soft shell crabs and sweet walnuts. Innovative isnt it? Truly one of a kind and this is only the start. We ate grilled chicken with pineapples, lamb curry with apple raisin chutney, salmon topped with mashed potato and the highlight of the whole dining experience is its "Pakbet" Paella with bagoong (shrimp paste) and chocolate sauce. Who in the world would ever think mixing chocolate and shrimp paste? Yup! Only here at Angel's Kitchen. Pakbet is a native vegetable dish on the other hand. This is served with "Bagnet" (fried pork) on top. Imagine a native vegetable dish served paella style. Now that is what I call FUSHION!

I strongly recommend this restaurant to everyone who wants to know what Fushion cuisine really means. The food is great, the place is cozy, clean and wonderful all you have to do is look for friends or family to accompany you and your whole dining experience will be superb.

Angel's Kitchen is located at # 57 Connecticut St. North East Greenhills, near Capricciosa, Konbini Japanese Grocery and UCC. Tel Nos. (632) 744-1018 / (632) 721-8822


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