Sunday, July 6, 2008

COMDDAP at Cebu City 2008

COMDDAP (Computer Manufacturers, Ditributors and Dealers Association of the Philippines) 2008 was held at Cebu City in SM Trade Hall last July 3 - 5, 2008. Working for MSi-ECS who happens to be a member of the said association participated in the exihibit. We, the product managers, were asked to go to Cebu to man the booth for MSI-ECS. It was a very very very tiring but a great learning experience for me and I guess for everyone as well.

We rode Cebu Pacific going to Cebu on July 1. Our flight is at 3:40pm but unfortunately it got delayed for 2 hrs. We just lounged ourselves in the uncomfortable and unpleasant Manila Domestic Airport. We reached Cebu at 7pm already, went to our hotel and ate dinner. The next we visited MSi-ECS Cebu Office and performed last minute checks before we head to the Cebu Trade Hall in SM City Cebu. We lift boxes, count, displayed and etc. Dust, Stress, Anxiety are our companion during the ingress. We manned the exhibit from 10am to 7pm from July 3 to 5. On the last day, the exibit was extended til 8pm. The egress is better than the ingress base from my experience. Our flight out of Cebu is at 8 in the morning. We didn't had time not even for a few hours to actually roam around Cebu. We didn't actually feel that we are in Cebu. But then again, it is a business trip and it is very much expected so I got no qualms anymore. We were allowed to go to work at 1pm tomorrow which is a good compromise as well.

COMDDAP is an association of Computer Manufacturers, Distributors and Dealers here in the Philippines. Besides MSI-ECS, other distributors such as BanBros, WSI, Lamco International, Brother joined as well. This is where they display their products either for showcase or for sale.

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