Friday, July 11, 2008

Duo Steakhouse and Wine Bar

During Fridays, me, my brother and dad usually have our Friday night dinner, we call this our so-called "Daddy Day!" We usually meet at UCC Connecticut for some coffee sometime around late afternoon until we finally decide where to eat. Sometimes, we end up having a long debate and conversation where to go and have our dinner and it always ends up in Annapolis Seafood Palace (XinHau).

One friday, an SMS came through my mobile phone and it read "Meet at UCC Rockwell, Dinner at Serendra!" I quickly called to confirm if this is in fact true and indeed it is. But because of some changes, we all met in Serendra instead. Jerwin and Chin suggested that we eat at Duo since Dad is always craving for a delicious steak.

Duo served our palettes right. The food was delicious and the service of the waiters was exquisite.

This is the salad of Duo. It is named after one famous personality here in the Philippines who happens to be Ms. Tessie Tomas. According to Duo, they named it after her since that is her favorite salad. Everytime Tessie Tomas enters Duo and sits on its table, she will definitely order this salad. It is very very very delicious. Smoked salmon and grilled shrimp on top. Simple Amazing.

Duo is located in Serendra at Bonifacio Global City.

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