Monday, July 28, 2008

Sunday Feast Part II

Again, as I said in my previous entry, every Sunday is a special day for us. Not only this is the day wherein we devote our time to the family but this is the day of the week wherein mom would prepare sumpteous meals for us. We are all busy during the week and this is the only time wherein mom would be a "mom" for us and pamper us with her kitchen expertise.


I went with mom the day before to Araneta Ave. near So-en there is a place there wherein you can buy live suahe (shrimp) for only P499.50 per kilo. That is considered cheap already. You can buy live tilapias there as well. She soaked the live suahe in chinese ginger wine overnight. And look at the finish product. Steamed and fried. Need I say more?

These are the famous gyozas. You buy them frozen. They leave you the glory to steam them and fry them a bit to make it look like the original yummy gyozas you taste in Sugi. It's all in the manner of cooking and mom perfected it already. True enough, her frozen gyozas tasted exactly like the ones in Sugi and Kimpura.

Not to forget the very famous barbequed spare ribs. These are roasted to perfection. The flavour is indeed very very delicious. Smokey but still very asian. The meat is so tender and so juicy that you end up wanting more.


We had our usual sandwich dinner. Thanks to the veal sausages, kielbasas and the schubligs of Santis. Not to forget the lean porkloin ham, the dill sauce, the egg and the wheat bread from DeliFrance.

The main highlight is mom's SHRIMPS AND SCALLOPS SALAD. Of course, the greens come from Santis, the scallops from Cold Storage (look at the size of the scallops) and the shrimp which are really sweet and succulent. The way she arranged it is very dramatic also. She placed two lettuce leaf in a parafin and topped it with bacon bits, shrimp and scallop. The dressing is from Santis as well known as "Calypso" their rendition of the famous thousand island dressing.

All of these are made by mom and our housekeeper, Lanie. Thanks mom for yet again another sumpteous and hearty feast. These are all prepared in natural substances. No preservatives or msg or any other was added. Truly, a restaurant quality cooked in the comfort of your own home. Two-thumbs up mom! Thanks!!!! You two sons are not only full but nourished.

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