Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fruits & Wine

Nothing beats a relaxing saturday with the company of some family members, a bottle of wine and a tray of fruits on the dinner table.

The bottle of red wine is Mont Gras Merlot. It is a french red wine. The taste is dry. It is a good drink before a delicious meal. The fruits that you can see on the picture are Longans and Ponkiats. Ponkiats are a family of oranges and mandarins. It is eaten by peeling off the skin and slowly savoring its tangy flavour. While on the other hand, the Longan is a fruit of Chinese origin. Pressing hard on the fruit will cause its outer skin to split, a white translucent will be revealed to you. This is the edible part, it is really sweet and very delicious. The Chinese word for Longan is 龍眼 meaning "Dragon Eye!"

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