Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kare-Kare: A Native Beef Casserole in Peanut Sauce

We had a post celebration of the birthday of Mom's sister, my aunt, today at home. She prepared "Kare-Kare" for us. This is one of the most treasured family recipe that no one can imitate. Not even the best Filipino restaurants here in Manila can be at par with the "Kare-Kare" of my mom and my Aunt and that I can attest to. To be fair, Fine! "Kare-Kare" will be delicious ONLY if you haven't tasted OUR "Kare-Kare". Care to debate? Come over and have a taste! You will not order Kare-Kare in any Filipino restaurants anymore! I assure you!

Kare-Kare is made up of ox tripe, ox tail, ox intestines, particularly the inner organs of the beef. Sometimes, we add chunks of meat for the kiddies. Vegetables are also present in this dish specifically eggplants, banana heart (puso ng saging), straw beans (sitaw) and pechay. Here is the best part about this casserole, its orange sauce is made up of PEANUTS.

SECRET: What makes our family's Kare-Kare special, not only because we have the best chefs (auntie and mom) but also we use REAL GROUNDED PEANUTS unlike other restaurants and also majority of the cookbooks they only use Peanut Butter which kills the flavor. Why do they suggest Peanut Butter? Simple, it is easier because all you gotta do is open a jar of peanut butter and dump it in and it is way cheaper compare to using freshly grounded peanuts. The process of making the grounded peanuts really saucy is tedious and time-consuming but the benefits after is spectacular. When it is served, you can really smell the scent and the aroma of the fresh grounded peanuts turned into sauce as oppose to using Peanut Butter you smell practically nothing! BOOO!!!!

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