Friday, August 8, 2008

8.08.08 Beijing Olympics 奥运会北京

奥运会 北京 08.08.08 at 08:00pm starts the 29th Olympiad in Beijing, China. The opening performance was magnificently done showcasing the manpower China has. Every motion is participated by an individual. They showed the history of China, the greatest inventions of Ancient China to the modern advancement China gained.

And for all of those who are wondering why they picked 08.08.08 at 08:00pm as the date and the time of the start of the olympics, well.... 8 in Chinese tradition depicts luck and prosperity. It shows harmonious balance. As you can see, no matter how you cut the number 8 symmetrically (whether horizontal or vertical), you will get equally divided portion.

Watching the opening ceremony and how wonderful it was made and organized by China made me proud of me being Chinese.

Watching team Philippines parade inside the Olympic Stadium in Beijing displaying the Philippine Flag made me proud of being a Filipino.

Go Team Philippines!!! Bring home the gold!!!!

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