Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Zao Vietnamese Bistro in Serendra

Just by uttering the name of the restaurant, there is this certain feel of uniqueness and ingenuity behind the creation of Zao Vietnamese Bistro located in Serendra. Just imagine how can a vietnamese restaurant be a bistro? hehehehe! Well, all I know is a bistro is synonymous to a restaurant. They call is a bistro in other parts of the world.

For starters, we ordered the ever-famous vietnamese spring rolls. There are lettuce leaves wherein you will wrap the spring rolls in the lettuce leaves, add the famous spring rolls sauce and the carrot as well as the turnip shavings. This dish is so delicious! I recommend it to everyone who will dine in this restaurant. If I am not mistaken, if my memory serves me right, this dish is priced at Php 185.00

And then came our main course. We ordered barbeque spareribs. Their barbeque spareribs is grilled into perfection wherein you will savour the delicious sweet and salty mix with a strong hint of charcoal. Very very appetizing indeed. We also ordered chicken and the beef tenderlion.

The highlight of the evening is its Zao Fried Rice topped with Salted Egg. I am really sorry I forgot what are the ingredients and the composition of this fried rice. It is sticky. Very very very delicious. Its flavour is not strong and will not fight with the other dishes that you will order. Its definitely worth ordering.

Gatherings are always fun. It is even more fun when you and your old friends meet again after a few months of not seeing each other. Share stories, share laughter, share problems, hear each other out, gather lessons, learn from each other. Having the company of true and good friends that knows you inside and out is one of the best things in life. Great company, wonderful bistro what more can you ask for?

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