Friday, August 1, 2008

Goodbye Old Friend....

It is time to say goodbye to an old friend who has been my companion wherever I go since my college days. Its been a wonderful 8 years. You are my first and I will never forget you.

- brought me to my college and back at home safely
- joined me in my weekend getways (Subic, Clark, Angeles, Batangas)
- partied with me in Embassy, Sambos, Wherelse, Fiamma, Warehouse and etc.
- ate with me in all the restaurants that I went to
- waited for me when I went to Singapore and Australia
- serviced my brother when his car is still being fixed by Mitsubishi
- watched the latest flicks with me in Powerplant, Promenade, Eastwood, Greenbelt
- rode with me all the way to Alabang to visit some friends
- shouted with me while I ride the Space Shuttle and Log Jam in Enchanted Kingdom
- cried with me whenever I have problems and I need a get-away.
You've been always there when I needed you. You never gave up, never failed me whenever I am going to use you. Never let me down. You were there on every occasion and every event. Gave me comfort, security and enjoyment. There were times when others hit you but you still manage to smile at the end of the day. I know as much as I enjoyed driving you, you also equally enjoyed serving me. I miss you and wherever you are right now, with your new master. I know that you will be well taken cared for.

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