Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fish & Co. Philippines

Before we head to CCP to watch the play of Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella played by Lea Salonga, mom and I first headed to Mall of Asia for an early dinner. We decided to eat at Fish & Co.

We ordered Baked Oysters in Cheese and Spinach for starters. It was yummy! The oysters were fresh, the way they baked it was nicely done. It was very appetizing and very delicious. It costs Php 335.00 (tax exclusive) which for me is quite expensive but nevertheless, the taste was really really yummy. I'll definitely
order another serving when we go back to eat at Fish & Co.

After that very appetizing starter, mom ordered the Baked Salmon. It has a creamy mushroom sauce on top and some friend chopped garlic garnish. The taste is very very delicious indeed but the downside is that it has a heavy pricetag of Php 575.00 (tax exclusive) again, which for me is very expensive for a small piece of Salmon.

I ordered their pride dish which is why they called it "The Best Fish & Chips in Town". It is the typical fish and chips but this has a bigger serving. The chips were delicious it has a sprinkle of maybe chili or paprika. It gives a kick to the fries. The fish though friend is stil very soft and juicy. It even melts in my mouth when I eat it. It costs at Php 405.00 (tax exclusive).

The restaurant has a nice interior. It has a big plastic shark hanging in the ceiling. The place and the atmosphere is nicely done and decorated. It really gives you the feeling of being under water.

DOWNSIDE: The fish and chips, though soft and juicy is also very very oily. So after eating 60% of the fish, you will feel bloated because of the oil. It is the type of restaurant wherein you may or may not come back depends on how much oil can you muster. If ever you decide to come back, it will not be for another quarter. The last time I went a little over 10 mos already I think. I tried Fish & Co. the first time in Shangri-La. I know about Fish & Co. from Singapore, the country where it was originated. Over-all rating for the restaurant is 6/10.

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