Friday, August 22, 2008

Latizze Restaurant

Fusion restaurants have grown popularity here in Manila. Fusion cuisine has become an art. Imagine you are the chef of a restaurant and you get to experiment on which ingredients from what cuisine when mixed will result to a better tasting dish. Sounds fun huh? And if you are a guest in that restaurant, you are excited on how to dish taste like.....


Latizze isn't one of those fusion restaurants. I would call it a "mixed cuisine" restaurant. Why? Mainly because when you open its menu, you will notice that they really serve different cuisines. Not fuse them but mixed them particularly Japanese and Western (Italian, French). Have you experienced eating salmon sashimi as the appetizer and a steak with a french cheese as your main course? I did! The food is exquisitely delicious. The only problem that I can see eating in this restaurant is the after feel. Again, just imagine yourself eating salmon sashimi and having prawns thermidor for main course. You can get used to it though.

It is owned by one of Dad's rotarian friends. It is located in Pillar St., Mandaluyong City. It is very close to Shaw Boulevard already. When you pass Pillar head to the direction of Shaw, and there you will see the restaurant. You won't miss it.

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hermione said...

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