Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Petronas Twin Towers (Part 1)

Marvelling and the majestic twin towers of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia more famously known as The Petronas Twin Towers stands tall and proud at KLCC. The look of the tower is very much different during the day and during the night, base on my own personal opinion, I like the look of the towers at night. Standing awed in front of the twin towers, I noticed my jaw dropped. I can't believe I am standing at the world's tallest twin towers and at an architecture that was made a symbol in Malaysia. I am more amazed at the twin towers compared to time when I was in front of the Opera House in Sydney.

One can visit the SKYBRIDGE of the twin towers. Just queue up to get a free ticket. Experience the ride in the ultra fast elevator and cross the bridge that connects tower A from tower B. It is a worthwhile experience. Take pictures of the breath-taking skyline of Kuala Lumpur. Simply amazing! You will be led into a 3D theatre explaining the construction of the Twin Towers and then you will proceed to the fast elevator that will take you to floor 41 or 42 for the experience and feel inside the skybridge. In here, you will have 10 mins. to wow yourselves with everything.

The twin towers' peak is a tesla coil wherein it can absorb lighting thus absorbing the electric shock in the tower. It can also sway at 75cm due to strong wind currents. The whole tower is enveloped by stainless steel for that majestic feel. Imagine, that tall of a building enveloped by stainless steel, how expensive could that be.

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