Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hate is Safer than Love

Hate is Safer Than Love is the episode title of One Tree Hill's 17th episode aired May 12. This is the 2nd to the last episode before the season finale which is set to air on May 19 in the United States.

This is so far one of the best episodes of the entire season. According to One Tree Hill Web, a fan , made website. The summary of the episode is: "Lucas is crushed by devastating news, while Brooke's baby undergoes emergency surgery. Haley wrestles with her decision to record a new album. Skills and Nathan employ a risky game plan to salvage the Raven's season and Lucas stuns Peyton with a shocking truth." This ain't a spoiler, its just a mini-summary that will entice everyone to actually watch the episode. Speaking of which, Lucas stuns Peyton with a shocking truth.... and in fact it is shocking! hahahahaha.... even I myself paused for awhile after watching the episode. I even playback the ending part a couple of times just to fully grasp and let myself believe that it actually happened... SHOCKING IN FACT! hahahahahaha. So what are you waiting for......

Again, yes, you read it right. One Tree Hill's Season Finale will be on the 19th of May. That is next week already. But the 6th season will start September 1. So to all the fans of One Tree Hill, we have something to look forward to again!

Also, did I mention... PEYTON SAWYER is EXTREMELY HOT!!!!

Thank you ONE TREE HILL WEB for the information.

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