Sunday, May 25, 2008

New Suit at Topman

Yesterday was so tiring as I scout for a perfect suit in preparation for MSi-ECS's 10th year Anniversary to be held at Makati Shangrila Ballroom on Tuesday May 27, 2008. At first, I was gonna borrow from a friend to save money but everyone is telling me to buy a pair of suit instead. I have my old suit, the one I wore during proms and etc. but it is already out of fashion and it is so big and it is really embarassing to wear it during that event. I am not a huge fan of outdated fashion. hahahahahaha! Anyways, after searching for the whole afternoon in Shangrila, I decided to drive to Robinson's Galleria and check Topman out. Again, Topman saved the day, I found a nice coat that matched with the pants that I bought a month ago. It is nice, sleek, slim and beautiful. I can't wait for Tuesday!!! I already know what dress shirt and tie to go with the coat and the pants. YIPEEEEEEE!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahaa

Here is the pic of the suit:

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