Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Hairstyle by Toni and Guy

It is such a boring and lazy Saturday. The wind is blowing and the weather is cool and comfortable. I said to myself this is the perfect time to relax after a month's work and pamper myself a bit. So I scheduled for a haircut in Toni & Guy, got an appointment at 4:00pm today. Roger, my hair stylist, made me laugh so hard with all his stories and jokes. He is te best stylist so far! To top it all off, he enjoys cutting my hair since I give him the freedom what to do and what style to cut. He is also the reason why I always change hairstyle every month. Well, I like it too because I always want something new and as you can see in my pics, I change hairstyles as often as 1 month. This is one of the few splurges and indulgences I have for myself. It isn't bad to pamper yourself every once in a while is it? hehehehehehe

The last time I had my haircut was last April 12, 2008. It has been a month already! My hair grows really really quick. Here is the link of my previous post regarding my previous haircut with Roger at Toni and Guy --->

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