Saturday, May 24, 2008

One Tree Hill's 5th Season Finale

NEWSFLASH!!! Yes, you read the title correctly, last May 19, 2008, marks the end of yet another beautiful season for One Tree Hill. It is sad but at least we have something to look forward to this coming September because One Tree Hill will air its much anticipated and awaited 6th Season. This has been confirmed by the CW Network already. I can't wait!!!

If you watched the season finale of One Tree Hill, it ended beautifully and left its viewers/fans hanging with a question of WHO? I won't go any further because as promised, my blog won't be a spoiler to any of One Tree Hill's episode or season. You have to watch it to fully understand what I meant by WHO?

Anyways, the season left a couple of quotations and dialogues that help us realize, reflect and rethink of our own lives. Some can be painful as it can struck our bones straight, some can be an eye-opener, some serves as a reminder of our actions and the effect it causes, some can serve as a lesson, some can open our hearts more and some can close them. So without furthur ado here they are:

"The darkness doesn't have any answers." - Nathan Scott

"You know that romantic notion that all the garbage and the pain is actually the healing and beautiful in a certain poetic.. its not.. ITS JUST garbage and its pain. You know what's better? LOVE! The day that you start thinking that Love is over rated is the day that your wrong. The only thing wrong in love and faith and believe is not having it." - Haley James Scott

The dedication: "... to all those lost souls who have forgotten to believe in the immensity of love." - Lucas Scott

I always say this in my posts, of all the episodes in this season, this is the episode wherein Peyton looks extremely HOT. WHEWWW!!! She got a new hairstyle and it fits her perfectly. I will always love you Peyton Sawyer =) --> Clue clue! hahahahaha (You'll quickly get this if you watch the episode. So what are you waiting for?????)

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