Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Sisters who loves to be Koreans

Last night, Auntie Vibian, Mom, Jaimie, Jesse and I ate at Korea Barbecue, a Korean restaurant that serves delicious authentic Korean cuisine, located inside Ortigas Home Depot in Julia Vargas. The restaurant itself is simple, nothing fancy, but the host, who happens to be the owner is the kindest Korean I've ever encountered so far in my life. At first, we have the freedom to choose what food will we eat on the menu but later on, she's the one who's deciding what food should we eat next. Talk about hospitable and sweet. She even sat down with mom and my aunt to have a drink of what they called "Chum-Churum". "Chum-Churum" is mixed with cucumber for that refreshing and cool feeling. Perfect drink for the summer time. The owner by the way, is the bestfriend of mom's and aunt's hair-dresser who is also a Korean, haahahaha! It was a fun-filled glutton night. I've never ate that much Korean food... it is not only a lot.. ITS HEAPS!!!! haha

The restaurant is a MUST-TRY. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Not just because the restaurant serves delicious and authentic Korean cuisine but also having the courteous and friendly staff, the hospitable owner and the simplicity of the place.


The highlight of the story and this blog isn't just about this newly discovered Korean restaurant located inside Ortigas Home Depot in Julia Vargas, it is about the SISTERS WHO LOVE TO BE KOREANS. Yup, you guessed it right, the sisters are none other than my mom and my aunt. Watching Korean Soap Operas through the years truly influenced them to like everything about Koreans, the food they eat, the culture they have, the gestures, the expressions, the way they dress and etc. I had an identity crisis that night, am I Chinese or am I Korean? HAHAHAHA!

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