Monday, May 12, 2008

Mariah Carey's BYE BYE

The second single from her recently released album E=MC2 is "BYE BYE". It is written by Mariah Carey herself, Johnta Austin and Stargate. Touch My Body was the first single from this album and it reached # 1 in the Billboard Charts. Up to date, Mariah's # 1 reached 18 already overtaking Elvis Presley's record of 17 #1's. She has now the most number one for a solo artist in all time. The next to beat are the famous group known as the Beatles which has 21 # 1's. Mariah you have 3 more to tie the record and 4 more #1's to be on the top list.

Anyways, this song is a bit emotional. It is about saying goodbye to our departed loved ones but as the song progresses, you'd realize it isn't so morbid after all.

Here is the Video:

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