Saturday, May 31, 2008

Katre, a Mediterranean Fusion Restaurant

2 Sundays ago, me, mom and my brother went to Katre for dinner, its a Mediterranean Fusion Cuisine. It is my treat to them because I received my first month salary at MSi-ECS. The place is terrific, the food is great, the service is wonderful. Katre is located near Tomas Morato, Quezon City. If you se Alfredos along T. Morato, there is a small street perpendicular to T. Morato St., you take that and you will see Katre. It is a must try! We have been going to this restaurant for quite some time now and this is the only time I remembered and managed to take a photo of their food and drinks. HAHAHAHA! Usually, I get excited when there is a delicious dish served in front of you and I always forget to even stop and take a photo of it hahahahaha. Anyways, indulge, be hungry and visit Katre. Again, its a must-try restaurant!!!! YUM!!!!

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