Thursday, March 27, 2008

GOD OF WAR: Chains of Olympus in PSP

God of War: Chains of Olympus is part of the God of War Series, the story evolves before the first God of War game released in the PS2 Console. And now, it is already on the portable scene on the PSP.
The graphics of this game is really awesome. Words can't even describe the hype, the excitement and the anticipation I experienced when I saw this game on GameSpot ( One of the main reasons why I bought a PSP to be honest.

It is an action-packed game wherein you play the role of Kratos, a spartan. It is based on Greek Mythology which is another factor that made me loved this game so much. I am a huge fan of Greek Mythology and I am always fascinated with the stories and the mythology itself. So really, this game is truly for me.

This game was developed by READY AT DAWN STUDIOS, the same developer who made DAXTER. Another fabulously creative and superbly made game.

The only bad side to this game is that it is only short. If you are an avid fan of great graphics, nice action, some puzzle solving games top it all up with a mythology theme, then this game will be sooo short for you since you will be stucked playing this 24/7. I finished the game in 2 days only... 48 hours... no kiddin! you keep wanting for more when you actually finish the game. So much excitement and hype plus the way the game is being developed and created is so spectacular and awesome, the only thing that u dont want with this game is to conclude, but yes, sad to say, its short and it finishes fast.

So calling out all the PSP owners who haven't gotten a hand and played God of War: Chains of Olympus... YOU ARE MISSING OUT A LOT SERIOUSLY.... I MEAN A LOT!!!!


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