Sunday, March 30, 2008

Manila Ocean Park

YES!!! Manila has her own Oceanarium, we don't need to go elsewhere to actually enjoy and see Nemo and his gang. Now we can compete with the oceanariums found in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney. Did I say compete? Hmmm.. well read on for rants and raves....

Located at the back of the Quirino Grand Stand near Luneta Park in the heart of Manila.
Entrance fee is Php 400 (Adults) / Php 350 (Children).
Park Schedule is from 10:00am to 9:00pm

I was so excited since I am a big fan of fishes and the different and exotic animals found on Poseidon's realm simple because these are the creatures that we don't normally see.

Considering I am a diver, marine and reef aquarium enthusiast ( I used to have a reef tank at home) and someone who visited and enjoyed Sydney Aquarium in Australia / Hong Kong Ocean Park in Hong Kong / Sentosa in Singapore. I would like to enumerate my personal observations.


1.) Queuing takes about an hour before you actually reach the first attraction of the park which is the imitation of a typical tropical rainforest.

2.) The air conditioning system of the place is POOR. Considering the number of guests and people that visited. Im telling you..... ITS HOT INSIDE.... HUMID.... If you are the type of person who easily faints in hot crowded area... please avoid going, at least for now..... wait til the hype is over.

3.) The Philippines is located in the so-called "Coral Triangle" meaning, our country is one among the very few that has the most abundant marine life form found all over the world. Not even the Coral Reef in Australia or the reefs in Hawaii can compare to us. Considering this fact, our oceanarium has the LEAST variety. NOT EVEN A JELLYFISH... and its clownfishes are only about this size ( ------ ). It is just like going into a very very very big aquarium showroom.

4.) The design of the aquarium is so plain and bare. How can you place FAKE corals when you are actually featuring THE REEF. 90% of its corals are plastic only 10% are real. Cartimar has more corals that are for sale for reef aquarium enthusiast. Please!!!!! Even the shark aquarium part is so bare. Aesthetics fail in this aspect.

5.) Good news: Filipinos actually follow rules in this park. They queue properly, listens to do's and dont's which is very very impressive! Because of the volume of the people that actually visits, they have a pretty mediocre system and it is really being followed. Very impressive for the Philippines.

6.) The underwater walkway..... please..... its so short, so hot....... can't you improve?? And when you reach the end of the walkway, you will notice that there are multiple aquariums that are still awaiting for your curious eyes. BUT, they are all the same, just an extention of an extention and another extention. Thrifty? Corruption? Hmmmm........ no wonder? hahaha

Ive read articles in newspapers and the internet and watched features on television (Mel and Joey in Youtube) about how great Manila Ocean Park is. AGAIN, I was fooled!!! Maybe to all those who can't experience other aquariums in other countries, this is really spectacular and magnificent and really something new for them. But for people who experienced other aquariums that other countries offer.... Manila Ocean Park is I bet on the bottom of the preferred list or favorites.

If I were to rate the park, I would give it a rating of 5 out of 10, 10 being the highest and that is my most humble and lenient rating already. It deserves even a 3 out of 10. If any staff or management of Manila Ocean Park happens to read my blog..... IMPROVE IT GUYS!!! PLEASEE!!!! I didn't get the value of the ticket I paid for....

But despite all the negative things I mentioned, there is only one good thing that we all can be proud of, at the very least, Manila has her own oceanarium already. That's all....


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