Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer)

One Tree Hill, though its a girly show, its still one of the best dramas I've ever watched. It is my favorite in fact. And as a guy, I ain't shy to tell the world that YES I am a huge fan of One Tree Hill.

Season 5 started January of this year, right now they are already in Episode 12. The drama in this season is more matured compared to its past seasons since all of the cast graduated College plus a few years more. They meet each other again back in Tree Hill.

Anyways, the story is perfect, the drama is wonderful. I will post some excepts I got from the show on my next entry, watch out for it. hahahahaha! I swear everytime I watch the show, I always reflect about my own life, my own self. The show has a huge impact on me I dont know why... hahahaha... the show and I have this certain connection HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Another thing about the show, why I love it very very much... its because I have a HUGGGGGE CRUSHHHH on one of the casts.... her name is.... (drum roll please..... )

HILARIE BURTON better known as Peyton Sawyer in the show. Not just crush, she reminds me of a dear friend of mine whom I love very very much as well, the like the same music, have the same strength, they have a lot in common. You see, there's the connection I am talking about hahahahaha.

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