Thursday, March 20, 2008


It is Holy Thursday right now.... Dad and I brought Angkong (Grandfather) home from Congressional to Cubao. On our way back to Dad's place, we stopped by Starbucks West Ave. I remembered what Leanne ordered, by the suggestion and recommendation of the friendly baristas in Starbucks Ashcreek, it is called:

(not on the Menu)

It is a cream frappucino with caramel sauce topped with hot espresso shot. It is very very delicious. Remember to add a shot if you are ordering the Grande size to make your affogato worth drinking. The only downside to this drink is that it costs a little more than what we usually expect. The grande add shot affogato costs P190.00. So if you are looking for a new drink in Starbucks, I strongly suggest you try this one. YUM!!!!! hahahahahahaha

In reality, Affogato means an ice cream on your coffee, but Starbucks has their own rendition.

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fran =) said...

welcome home! hehehe :P