Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good Friday.... My Birthday 03/21/2008

Mocha Cake from HIZON'S ---> WOW!!!

Well yup... you read that correctly.... this year my birthday falls on a Good Friday. Can I help if the whole nation treats my birthday as a legal holiday? HAHAHAHAHA kiddin kiddin! Anyways, the day went really well. We usually go to Kitanlad every Good Friday for a family reunion, just chill, relax, share stories with cousins and etc. Mom prepared a delicious lunch for all of us; Squid with special chinese sauce, shrimps with XO sauce, fish hotpot tofu (I forgot to take pics of it... arghh).... ate like there is no tomorrow.

After lunch, my cousins and I decided to go to Starbucks Tomas Morato, since we heard that it is open!! WOHOOO!!! On our way, my cousins spotted that Pancake House is also OPEN in E.Rodriguez so we decided to just go to Starbucks E. Rodriguez instead of Starbucks Tomas Morato since it's only beside Pancake House. Ordered the usual, Caramel Affogato. After a puff of smoke, we headed towards Pancake House, ordered Classic Pancakes and my cousins ordered Potato Salad yummm and a whole lot more.. hahahahaha. And then they decided to go to Burger King, which is beside Pancake House.... HAHAHAHAHA... ok... WE WERE BORED! So there, we headed to Burger King... they ordered fries and Cheesy Tots....

Stopped by Ministop to buy some beers for the night.... and some additional stuffs as well. Dinner was prepared by my Aunt, Ginataang Tangigue, Daing na Bangus, Tinapang Bangus, Tinapang Tuyo and etc. LUNCH WAS CHINESE, DINNER WAS FILIPINO... WOWWW YUMMM!!! hahahahahaha

Chilled for a few hours and then we head home.....

It was a fun day, I really have no intentions of celebrating my birthday this year, this was the idea of Mom and I am so thankful that she planned for the whole event. Thanks mom!!!

*** If you are wondering why the cake says.... Happy Birthday Jonas and Jerwin because my birthday falls on the 21st of March and my brother, Jerwin, falls on the 23rd of March.. cool huh??? hahahahaha ***

Here are some of the pictures.... enjoy!!!!! =)

At Kitanlad Part 1

At Kitanlad Part 2

At Starbucks E. Rodriguez Branch

Pancake House

Burger King

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