Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Thai at Silk

Jason, Marvin and I had a dinner get together at Serendra and we ate at this Thai restaurant named Thai at Silk. I dunno why I suddenly craved for Thai food. I am not a huge fan of Thai food but my palette demands a bit of change in flavour. We are all out of budget and running low on cash that is why we decided to just eat in a Thai restaurant. We didnt expect the food to be quite expensive.


The food is great.... so the price becomes secondary already. We ordered three dishes and there is an unlimited serving of Thai Jasmine Rice. The rice itself is so delicious already!

If you guys want to experience a good Thai restaurant then Thai at Silk is worth a try.

Best Sellers according to the head waiter:

a.) Green Chicken Curry:

b.) Fried Fillet of Fish with Sweet Chili Sauce: ( YUM!!!)

c.) Sweet pork ribs:

Look at the interior of the restaurant. I never expected it to be this cozy and classy. I've been to Serendra a couple of times already but this is the first time that I actually tried this Thai Restaurant.

For those of you who doesn't know where it is, it is located near Conti's =) Enjoy


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