Monday, March 31, 2008

Robinsons Place Manila - NEW!!! Midtown Wing

After Ocean Park, we decided to go to the new wing of Robinson's Place Manila. This new wing was the site of the former Manila Midtown Hotel owned by the Gokongwei Family, the same owner of Robinsons and Robina Corporation. It is called the Midtown Wing of Robinson's Place Manila.

I managed to take a photo on how it improved the over-all look of the mall that is strategically located along M. Adriatico, Pedro Gil and Padre Faura streets in Malate, Manila.

The interior also looks amazing, clean and brightly lit. It is definitely an improvement from the mall.

Upon our arrival, there is an event that is going on in its activity center. I saw a lot of people dressed in their favorite Anime heroes and characters. I didn't bother taking pics of the people who took part in this event but they all look good, complete costume and parapharnalias. Impressive.

Transformers is also considered an Anime because it was developed by the Japanese way back in the 80's but was brought by the United States. I managed to take a pic with one of my childhood heroes, Optimus Prime. Transformers was my favorite childhood cartoon as well.

Marvin, Jason and I decided to have our dinner at Fridays, drank draft beer as well. HAHAHA!

On our way home, something really caught my attention. Early March, I received a text message from Topman that they will have a clearance out sale in Robinsons Place Manila, upon reading, I wondered? Huh? Why? Oh well.... was my reaction. BUT not until I saw the new site for the said store. I was awed. WOWWWWWWWWW!!!! hahahahaha. Hope they text me again when they open in this new location. I can't wait. Topman is one of my favorite apparel brands.

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