Thursday, March 27, 2008

Intel and Mariah

I was surfing the net to research something about computers until I noticed one link that captured my attention. It is a youtube link about a tv commercial of Intel Centrino Duo and Mariah Carey. I didn't know Mariah Carey endorses commercial products as well.... hahahahaha.. and I didn't know how Intel came up the idea of getting Mariah Carey in their commercial too. Its static! hahahaha =) Sometimes marketing and advertising in the states really makes u wonder and at the same time awe in surprise.

I know Intel Centrino works wonders on our laptops. Believe me, I am very happy with my laptop having Intel Centrino as its processor. But I never actually hear Mariah singing high notes everytime. Now that is the power and strength of her 8 octave voice, you won't be the top selling female artist of all time for nothing right? hahahaha.

Another thing why this commercial captured my attention is because I am an avid fan of gadgets and technology, but gadgets and technology with Mariah is a whole new different level HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...


By the way, I dont know what year this video was shot and shown to public hahahaha..

Watch the video here:

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