Monday, April 28, 2008

(2006) The Prestige

Last night, my brother and I watched The Prestige at his room. It is an old movie released way back 2006. The reason for writing a blog for this specific movie is because it is so good and highly recommended. I wonder why the ratings of this movie are not so great... hmmmmm??? The writer of the story deserves a two-thumbs up. The twist, the turns, the plot, the climax and the conclusion, everything in the story is superbly written. I would give a two-thumbs up for the main actors of this movie as well namely Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman.

Personally watching this movie is stressful (in a good way) and mind boggling because you are made to believe some facts but in the end it isn't. While watching and as the movie progresses and as it reaches its climax, I made several conclusions about certain events in the film but in the end those conclusions were nullified by the movie itself. This happened maybe five or six times during the play but still I am left dumbfounded as the movie progresses even more. You are led to believe what you want to believe but it isn't really what happened. Did I get that right now? HAHAHAHAHA I guess reading this blog has its twist and turns as well. If you are slightly intrigued by what I want to say, then I suggest grab a copy and watch it.

I would recommend this movie, I don't care if the ratings are low or if it is a flop. For me, it is worth watching!

According to the write-up in Wikipedia : (click for the direct link to The Prestige in Wikipedia)

The film is split into three storylines, each resembling one of the three stages of magic. First, there is the setup, or the "pledge," where the magician shows the audience something that appears ordinary but is probably not, making use of misdirection. Next is the performance, or the "turn," where the magician makes the ordinary act extraordinary. Lastly, there is the "prestige," where the effect of the illusion is produced. There are "twists and turns, where lives hang in the balance and you see something shocking you've never seen before."

*** Thanks to WIKIPEDIA for the write-up and the film's poster ***

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