Sunday, April 20, 2008

Saturday Night Dinner and Drink

Julian, Bev and I had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) in Promenade last night. It was a get together dinner. I missed you Bev hehehehehe. We had so much fun and so many stories have been told hahahahahahaa. We ordered White Pizza (with white cheese), Jambalaya Pasta (Bev's Favorite) and Fetuccini with Garlic Cream Sauce with Chicken (My Favorite). Everything is really delicious. CPK is one my favorite restaurants here in Manila. I was the one who actually suggested to eat here because I've been craving for my favorite pasta for the longest time already. The reason what's holding me back is the price. Compared to the other casual dining setting restaurants, CPK is considered to be one of the pricy ones. I wasn't able to take a pic of all the dish ordered because we were all so hungry. But I managed to take a pic of my favorite pasta hahahahaha. So if you guys haven't tried Fetuccini with Garlic Cream Sauce add Chicken and you've been eating in CPK for the longest time now, you guys are missing a lot!!!!

Anyways, one funny thing is, I noticed Bev drinking in her Fitness First tumbler. At first, I wondered why Bev is drinking in her own tumbler? We are in a restaurant and there's no shortage of water, not that I know of, HAHAHAHA. So I presumed it is a special drink or juice that she really likes. And then, I noticed, Jul is also drinking from his own Fitness First tumbler. I was like.... what?? But I didn't bother asking them. When we are about to finish dinner, Bev suddenly openly asked me, do you know what is inside this tumbler we are drinking? I said? Ummmm Delmonte Fit and Right? She laughed and she said its Malibu Coke. And I was like... WOWWWW!! So that explains the Fitness First Tumbler!

After that we headed to Moksha to have a few more drinks. Bev ordered 2 glasses of Coco Lychee, I had Kurrant Sprite Lite and a glass of Coco Lychee and Jul had Weng Weng. It is always great to go out with friends, exchange stories, share laugther, pick up lessons and learn new things. Till next time guys!!

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