Monday, April 7, 2008

Gadgets: Life's Addiction

These awesome innovations are really really addicting. Yup, I am a gadget freak... trust me!! I'm also an avid reader of gadget magazines such as T3, Speed and HWM, I like HWM the most though. Every turn of the magazine's page I always utter three words, which are, WOAH! COOL! & I WANT ONE!!

I will give you different scenarios to prove gadgets are vital:

1.) Picture yourself at the middle of the road and in the middle of the night, maybe around 3am??? Heading home from a party and your car just gave up on you. What is your first reaction? Is it to SHOUT HELP??? or search for your little friend located inside your pocket? -- CELLPHONE

2.) You are waiting for something or someone and then you realized that it will take a few more hours before you get a hold on that something or before that someone can meet up with you. You are bored to death to the point of pulling your hair already. Who do you depend on? -- PSP

3.) Alone in a coffee shop, studying, working or whatever it may be. It is a bit noisy and it is irritating. Do you tell everyone to SHUT UP just because you are there?!! Our you simply rely on a little rectangular machine that holds 15,000 songs? -- MP3 PLAYER

4.) You need to have a presentation and your superiors and bosses doesn't want it inside the office? Do you bring in your whole desktop computer? Do you ask them to go inside an internet cafe? OR you are rushing a report that your professor insanely imposed that the deadline is on the day it was being announced? Do you queue at the computer labs knowing that it will take 10000 years before you can have your turn? -- LAPTOP

5.) You went to a place wherein you want to treasure that experience. Relive its memories after a few days, months or years. Want to document something. Do you take out a pen and a paper and write its description??? -- DIGITAL CAMERA

I don't sport the latest gadget or the coolest phone in town. I don't rush to the nearest friendly computer store to be able to buy whatever comes out in the market asap. Simply because there's a price tag attached to every gadget and it isn't cheap... IT ISNT CHEAP hahahaha. For me, I buy it because it is sort of like an award for something I did, I achieved, I gained for myself or for other people. But the biggest reason of all is that I am addicted to it =)

If you are going to ask me if I am contended with the gadgets I own? I will simply answer you by giving you months and months of issues of HWM and tell you to BUY ME EVERYTHING YOU SEE IN THERE! hahahahahahahaahahaha.... yup.... totally... im a gadget freak.

Here are 5 vital gadgets that I myself can't life without:

Nokia 6300 for my Globe Sim
Nokia 6101 for my Sun Sim
Sony PSP Slim Edition
Creative Zen: Vision M (30 gig)
Canon Ixus 750
Acer Aspire 5583WXMi Laptop

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