Monday, April 7, 2008

New Job at MSI-ECS

After 4 months of being a professional bum, tomorrow, April 08, 2008, I will be working again for MSI-ECS as one of its Product Officers. I was granted employment at this company last March 27, 2008. Located at # 3 Economia St., Libis, Quezon City. My work starts at 8:30am and ends at 6:30pm Mondays to Fridays only, whooopeee!

Looking for a job here in Manila is hard.. and I mean HARDDD. Going to interviews again and again and waiting for their feedback is really nerve-wrecking. The competition is very tough plus the processing of your application takes an awful long time for almost all companies. I would like to commend MSI-ECS for its speedy processing. Thank you also for giving me a chance to be part of this company.

For starters, I will be a Product Officer under the Sales & Marketing - Consumer Goods Division and I will be handling Targus, a leading manufacturer of laptop bags. It was given to me primarily because of my past experience which was heavily concentrated on consumer goods. Hopefully, when I learned the ropes and gained enough experience, become a product manager of an IT component and/or peripheral. That is my aim in this company and maybe be a division manager if I'm lucky... pray for me! hahahaha

Again, thank you MSI-ECS!

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