Thursday, April 3, 2008

Top 10 List

I noticed that I kept on blabbering about stuffs that interests me or things that I did, restaurants I ate at, games I played or music I listened. But still, I feel that there is something missing in my blog until I realized that I haven't actually shared to you a bit of me. HAHAHAHA! Silly huh? This is also a response from my friend's blog post at http:/ entitled "Your Lifestyle - A top 10 list" answering the question so what's on my list.

Without further ado... presenting to you... ME!! hahahaha here are my top 10 list: (not in chronological order)


No matter how insane or chaotic sometimes our family tends to be, still they are our family. And despite all the troubles and mistakes that we do, still, these people are the ones who will accept you and back you no matter what.


Accessing information anything under the sun in the world wide web has never been this easy. Keep yourself updated with the latest news and gossips. Travel the world in a small window using your own LCD monitor. Watch Youtube videos endlessly. Downloading your favorite tunes, movies and games. Meeting people and discovering their culture with a click of a button. Chatting and being connected with your loved ones wherever you are. Do you still want me to go on? hehehehehehe


To be honest, I don't have that much friends, only a handful. But these people who makes up my handful are the ones who are really worth keeping, treasuring, loving and caring. I seriously don't need a large group of friend where I am blessed with small but real ones. Its hard to find real people and harder to find real friends these days.


Who can go wrong with music? I listen to almost every genre as long as it appeals to my ears. With regards to music, I don't just listen to the beat and the melody but I internalize with its lyrics. What message is it giving its listeners. Mainstream or underground, it doesn't matter. I mellow down to the tunes of lounge music; soothe my soul with Northern Lights by Lux and Postal Service; dance with Akon, Britney Spears, Nelly Furtado, Madonna, Timbaland and Mariah Carey; party with DJ Tiesto, Hed Kandi, Bloc Party and Chicane; appreciate Edison Chen, Vic Zhou, Jay Chou, Leehom, Tanya Chua and Fly to the Sky; cry with the powerful ballads of Celion Dion, Mariah Carey (again) and emo rock of Dashboard Confessionals ; reminisce with the old songs of Toto, Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie and Luther Vandross; rock on with The Fray, Panic! At the Disco, OneRepublic, Coldplay and Counting Crows. Most of all, love our own homegrown music OPM of Kitchie Nadal, Brownman Revival, Bamboo, Rivermaya and Brain Salad - to name a few... hahahahah few? hahahahahaha


I am a tech freak, I don't just buy what is usually being bought but I research on other possible alternatives and competitors that can deliver better performance. I have my Creative Zen: Vision M (MP3 Player), my PSP, my cellphones (one for Globe & one for Sun), my laptop and my Canon Digital Camera. I really spend for these techie stuffs. I enjoy it, I simply love it.


Imagine yourself sitting in a cool and comfortable theater, by the way, my top two theater choices are Greenhills Promenade and Powerplant anticipating the most talked about movies up to date. Immersing yourself in the movie that you are watching as if you are a part of the story. Simply amazing and very very relaxing. True, pirated DVD's are cheaper and you can watch at the comfort of your own home but nothing beats the suspense and the thrill of watching it in the theater.


Whether it be oceanarium, planetarium, rides or whatever. As long as it is a theme park. I'm game! Anytime, anyday... Im sure to come. Roller coasters makes me smile. Oceanariums and zoos fills my curiosity. These are treasured landmarks any city should have.


Ever since I was a kid, Ive always loved water, before it doesn't matter whether its a swimming pool or the beach but lately nothing can ever encompass my love for the beach. Again, imagine yourself lying on the sand, listening to your mp3 or just listening to the birds chirping and the water splashing with an ice cold beer. Now, after reading that, tell me you still dont wanna go to the beach. Doesn't matter where, as long as its the beach. Or simply dive at Anilao and have an upclose and real look at the riches of what Poseidon's seas can offer you. True, the Philippines is located in the coral triangle and the richness of its marine creatures are a real treasure. And to all those who aren't Filipinos, I'm telling you, The Philippines is a beach and diving haven..... trust me!!!


Coming from a family that adores clothes hahahaha, I myself am a huge fan of the latest trend. What looks good, what fits well. I love shopping as well. Topman is one of my favorite one-stop shop here in the Philippines. Going to HK and buying stuff there is insanely great!!! I love HK because of its wide variety and array of clothes to choose from. I don't simply go what's famous but I don't want to be behind the latest fashion as well. I go for basics from time to time also. Being criticized as someone who is a fashion victim is something that I will never accept! hahahaha

10.) FOOD

I love eating... can't you see from my photos? I adore good food. Price for me is secondary when the food is realy delicious. I can go to Le Souffle and have its mouth-watering seared seabass or go to Jollibee or Mcdonalds and have its mouth-watering burgers and fries. Depends on my mood. I can go to the best gourmet restaurant in town or simply head on to the nearest fastfood chain my gas can reach me. HAHAHAHAHAHA! As long as its good quality food, its ok for me

So now... can I ask... What's on your list??

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