Saturday, April 26, 2008

Macaroni Cheese by San Remo... YUM!!!

I went to SM Supermarket at SM City Sta. Mesa this morning to do some groceries for the house and for my office. The usual routine, bought all that is included in the list. I have my own style in doing my groceries, I learned this from mom. I don't just go to the aisle where the things that I will be is located or go anywhere and pick up anything like an ant who's hill was destroyed, I go from aisle to aisle to aisle in a very systematic way, hahahahaha seriously. It usually takes me 2 hours just to do the groceries for the house. I also check the prices of the brand that we usually buy against another alternative, if it is cheaper and still fulfills its role, then I'd go for the alternative. It is not always necessary to stick to the brand that you used to when you are in a tighter budget. Before is not the same as now....


Upon walking at the aisle that houses all the different pastas, being an avid pasta lover, I noticed one packaging that interests me a lot, it's San Remo's Macaroni Cheese. I immediately took a pack and placed it in the push cart. Cheese macaroni here in the Philippines is not as popular compared in the United States, and this is the first time that I saw a famous brand that makes pastas now have this special Pasta & Sauce Combination. I am so excited to taste this new and interesting product. I cooked it at home, followed the instructions at the back of the packaging. I am wishing that it taste as good as the Kraft Cheese Macaroni. I placed bacon on top as well to add flavour and meat on my pasta. On my first bite, WOW.... it is not only as good as Kraft's Cheese Macaroni, it is 100 times better. It is so delicious that I finished the whole plate in 10 mins. I would recommend this product to everyone. It is really really really delicious, mouth-watering and very very tasty. I just hope SM Supermarket wont ran out of stocks... HAHAHAHA!!!

Here 's the picture:

ITS SOOOOOOO GOOOOOD!!!! Highly Recommended!!!

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