Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cathay Pacific... Simply The Best!

Travelling is one of the things that I really like to do. Visiting places, learning new things, exploring different cultures, having a feel of different climates and eating different cuisines is more than what money can buy. It is more than the price you paid for your ticket, your boarding pass and a seat in the airline, it is the experience and lessons you earned.

I've been to a few places during my 27 years in existence in this world and rode different carriers as well but one carrier stands out and tops my list, to all those who know me will guess this automatically but for all of you who dont, its Cathay Pacific Airways. Why Cathay? Simply because its the best! Words won't even describe my love and loyalty for the airline. The comfort, the convenience, the security, the luxury and the pride of riding the best airline in the world that has the most number of destinations in over 6 continents. Need I say more?

Airlines and Places I have Visited:

1.) Philippine Airlines - Hong Kong
2.) Northwest Airlines - Los Angeles
3.) Cathay Pacific - Hong Kong
4.) Cathay Pacific - Los Angeles
5.) Emirates - Hong Kong
6.) Korean Air - Seoul
7.) Philippine Airlines - Bangkok
8.) Jetstar Airways - Singapore
8.) Cathay Pacific - Sydney

I remembered Cathay Pacific's commercial with a line that says "Flying the world's best airline and landing at the world's best airport!" Makes me proud that I am a fan of Cathay Pacific. And its a coincidence too that my favorite destination is Hong Kong, which is the hub of Cathay Pacific.

Here is a TV advertisement of Cathay Pacific*:

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