Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Haircut at Toni & Guy

I had my haircut today at 3:00pm in Essensuals Toni and Guy at their 6750 branch Makati, the usual hahahaha. I get excited everytime I schedule myself for a haircut since I like to change the style everytime. It is one of my indulgence in life. My friends told me that it is so obvious in my pics that I do infact change my hairstyle a lot of times hahahahahaha.... I told you, its one of the very very few indulgence I have. My stylist is Roger, he is really really good. If you are interested to have your hair cut at Toni and Guy, look for him and tell him I refered you hahahahaha. He was refered to me by Shar by the way, a dear friend of mine.

Watcha think???

Talk about vanity.... HAHAHAHAHA

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Ryan said...

How Much was the haircut?
hahahahaha ! kakatawa, nag hahanap ako sa google ng "guy hairstyle" tapos ikaw nakita ko. haha e sabi ko pa naman. .familiar to ah! HAHA