Thursday, April 3, 2008

License Renewal... Whew!!!

Today I renewed my driver's license which was expired one year ago. hahahahahaha! I know I am stupid driving in the streets of Manila with an expired license, yes, it is stupid seriously. Don't you ever follow me. It is very very dangerous. The reason why I wasn't able to renew my expired license a year ago because I went to Sydney and was planning to stay there for a long time but plans got all mixed up and I went back home. Truly, no matter how many people dislike Manila, this is the city wherein I wanna grow old, live my life, sow my seeds and reap it afterwards.

YES!!! I have it renewed today. Went to LTO-ELC (Land Transportation Office - Eastern Licensing Center) located near San Juan's Post Office, around 3 mins drive away from home. It was hot, uncomfortable and really crowded with lots of impatient applicants. Good thing, mine was only a renewal... thank God.

Steps are as follows: (to all those who are wondering what are the steps for renewal of license)

1.) Take a drug test which is valued highly at Php 250.00 hahahaha! examine your urine sample to test if you are under the influence of any drugs primarily Shabu and Marijuana.

2.) Go to the medical part, which is by the way valued at Php 100.00. Imagine, paying Php 100.00 just to weight yourself in an unreliable scale and read the letter chart to check your vision. Then you will be asked a couple of questions like: Are you in any sort of medication? Have you even been hospitalized? If you answered NO to all these questions then they will automatically issue you a receipt. That is worth Php 100.00 already.. SHEEESH!!! I dont even know if they were real doctors. The whole process takes less than 5 mins........... I know!!!

3.) Go to the re-assessor to check on your requirements (Expired License, Drug test, Medical test). This was the fastest step.

4.) Have your picture taken at a computer with a webcam that is about to break hahahaha.

5.) Wait for your name to be called by the cashier to pay for the renewed license. Before this step, your paper will be rerouted to three different people for encoding and verification. You will have to wait for the cashier to call you, this takes the longest waiting time.

6.) Go to the releasing window for your renewed license and sign the paper claiming that you have received the license ID from them

The whole process takes about 2 hours. Imagine just to renew your license takes 2 hours and it shaved Php 650.00 pesos from my wallet hahahahaha. I wonder how long does it take to apply for a new license considering they are automated already. I remembered mine took a day! Imagine!!!! They should have at least an express lane for all renewals.... right?!

Enough about complaning, at least I got my license renewed already. Whooopeeee!! My license will expire on 2011 and then I will have to go through the same process again. Hopefully by 2011, it will be faster.. CROSS FINGERS!!!

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