Saturday, April 5, 2008

Perfect Trousers in TOPMAN


I went to Trinoma today with mom to shop for business-office clothes in preparation for my first day this coming Tuesday 4/08/08 at MCI-ECS in Libis. WOHOOOOO!!! Hahahahahahahaha! It is really hard to shop considering I am on a very very tight budget....


I saw this pair of trousers in TOPMAN. It is a dark brown stripe slim trousers. Woaaahhh!!! hahahahaha! I looked at the price and then said to myself: "This is definitely way over my budget!!! But what the heck, it wont hurt if I just try it on right? So I went inside the fitting room and tried it on. It fits perfectly. With this trousers, I didn't have any 2nd thoughts. Everything with the trousers is perfect; material, design and fit. I know it is expensive and it is way over my budget but I simply can't let go. There is this unexplainable connection between me and the trousers! Hahahahaha!! So yeah, you guessed it, I bought it! =) It definitely shaved a huge amount of money from my alloted shopping budget. It is true, sometimes you have to pay for quality!

Here 's the picture: (Available at any Topman branches in Metro Manila)


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