Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Kratos, the protagonist in the God of War series, is an impressive spartan who saved Attica from the attack of the Persians, brings back the sun in the sky (Helios) from that deadly fog the enveloped the city (Morpheus) and battled Persephone (wife of Hades) in the underworld in Chains of Olympus, battled the hydra in the Aegean Sea, saved the city of Athens (patron is Athena), retrieved Pandora's Box and battled Ares and became the new God of War in God of War and battled the Collosus of Rhodes, killed by Zeus, saved by Gaia, rode the Pegasus, battled the titan Typhon and Prometheus, battled Perseus, seeks an audience with The Sisters of Fate ( Lakhesis, Atropos & Clotho ), brings back the past, battled Zeus and killed Athena, returned with fury and revenge along with Gaia and the titans to destroy Olympus... "The End Begins...." in God of War II.

I recently concluded God of War and God of War 2 in PS2. Thanks to my cousin Brit and Grant for letting me borrow their PS2. I borrowed the console just for this two games. Base on my previous blog entries, I wrote about how wonderful God of War: Chains of Olympus in PSP, after playing the God of War & God of War 2 in PS2, it is really indescribable. I played the two games literally the whole day until my eyes are about to pop hahahahahahaha!

Great gameplay, superb graphics, nice plot (I'm a huge fan of Greek Mythology), magnificent soundtrack... what more can you ask for in a game? No wonder rated God of War with a 9.3, God of War II with a 9.2 and God of War: Chains of Olympus with an 8.5.

*** I included links to Wikipedia on the names of deities in the Greek Mythology for reference and additional reading***

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