Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kitchie Nadal's New Album "Love Letter"

The long wait is over for all Kitchie Nadal's fans. She recently released her 2nd album last April 11, 2008 entitled Love Letter. I went to Music One in Glorietta last Saturday and asked if they have stock already but unfortunately the promo girl said it is released in the market already but Kitchie Nadal is under a new recording company and a new management so they still have no stock up until that moment. The promo girl also said that it is gonna be hard to find a copy since she moved to a small and special recording company wherein their distribution channel is not as wide as compared to the giant recording companies such as Warner and alike. It was a bummer.


Last night, my brother called me up, he was in Serendra The Fort inside Fully Booked (a bookstore) and asked if I do have a copy already and I said no and he said he will buy it for me. And I wondered, how in the world does Fully Booked have a copy of Kitchie's new album whereas Music One, a record bar doesnt???? Ironic Huh? Then I remembered, I heard it on the radio a few days back that Kitchie Nadal will have her album launch with autograph signing at Fully Booked Serendra Branch! That explains it! hahahahahaha Anyways, thanks BRO!!! I owe u one!

It is a great album, kinda mellow compared to her first. Tt is really soothing, relaxing and easy on the ears. Trust me, It is a great album! Her voice is magnificent. The long wait is all worth it. Prior to the release of this much awaited 2nd album, she released an EP with 5 songs. It was great too! MORE POWER KITCHIE NADAL!!!!


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