Tuesday, April 8, 2008

First Day at MSI-ECS

Today was my first day at MSI-ECS, I was very and I mean VERY nervous at the same time excited. Its like a newly acquired fish from your favorite pet store and you place him in a new aquarium, do you notice the fish's behavoir? I'm sure you do..... I feel like I was a fish being placed in a new aquarium literally hahaahahahahahaha.

Arrived at the office at around 8:15am, waited for Ms. Kel, the recruitment specialist, to give us our introduction orientation. There were 4 of us. One is a product support specialist, another is a marketing assistant/secretary and retail business group officer. Ms. Kel also routed us at the company and introduced us to the employees and the managers. The orientation lasted until 12nn. We had lunch and afterwards we were endorsed to our respective designation and work areas.

I am under Ms. Princess Chua, a welcoming, kind and hospitable manager for the consumer division and at the same time she is the Vice President of the organization. She is an ICAN and a La Sallian so more or less we grew up in the same community because I'm a Xaverian and a Benildean. get the connection? I HOPE hahahahahahaha.

My work area has its own telephone. I have a direct line hahahaha! I have my own local number as well. I am also entitled to a cellphone and a sim which will be provided by the company. I have my own computer with an internet connection and logging on yahoo messenger is legal, YESSS!!! also an email address as well jlim@msi-ecs.com.ph =)

I also met my collegues, Product Managers of other brands of MSI-ECS. They are very supportive, warm, welcoming and accomodating. Thank you so much guys for the help and for more help that I will be asking tomorrow and in the future hahahahahaha.

My main objective is to be a mini-ceo of the brand Targus. I am responsible for its inventory, pricing, sales, promotions and etc. I have to satisfy my superior, the president and the vendor of Targus who happens to be a Malaysian Indian and is based in Singapore. I heard they will come over next week, so I will be pretty swamped. The job description and the job responsibility is challenging but I know I will really learn a lot and grow more.

Wish me luck guys.... I need all your prayers and support!!!! I hope I can contribute and be able to share my abilities and capabilities with MSI-ECS.

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Anonymous said...

good luck jonas! u can do it! u just need lots of adjustments and be friendly to everyone u meet.. :)